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Bulkbudtraders has long been one of the best sources for a large variety of top-shelf and top quality weed seeds for sale. Below is a selection of thousands of weed seed strains, both common and rare including high THC Sativas, Indica and Hybrids. We have high quality weed seeds for sale and ensure that strain diversity is preserved for a time when germination is legal.

Top Quality Weed Seeds for Sale

New to weed cultivation? Overwhelmed by the sheer variety of weed seeds available? If so, you’re certainly not in the minority. In fact, even those who’ve been growing weed (legally, of course!) at a professional level for years often find themselves perplexed by the mountains of weed seeds available for purchase. Things have come a long way over recent years and it’s no longer simply a case of choosing between Northern Lights and Skunk. Just as long as it’s legal to do so in your jurisdiction, it’s now possible to grow just about any strain of weed on the face of the earth at home and you can find awesome modern Hybrids such as Gorilla Glue and Girl Scout Cookie weed seeds. Let us look at how we get the weed seeds for sale ready to be made available to our clients. But when it comes to choosing the best possible weed seeds to suit your needs, where do you start?

Germination of Weed Seeds

Germination is the process in which a new plant begins to grow from a seed. Also referred to as “popping,” germination is the very first step in starting your cannabis garden.

Weed seeds can be acquired from an array of sources and can vary in quality. For more info on how to buy weed seeds for sale, check out our Guide to buying weed seeds.

When acquiring weed seeds, you want to make sure they are matured and that they appear dark brown with lighter accents and a hard feel. You don’t want a seed that feels fresh and looks green, which indicates that the seed hasn’t reached full maturity.

Weed is grown from one of two sources: a seed or a clone. Seeds carry genetic information from two parent plants that can be expressed in numerous different combinations, some like the mother, some like the father, and many presenting various traits from both. Generally, commercial cannabis producers will plant many seeds of one strain and choose the best plant. They will then take clones from that individual plant to get consistent genetics for mass production.

But for the typical homegrower, it may be easier to obtain seeds rather than clones. Growing from seed can produce a stronger plant with more solid genetics.

Frequently Asked Questions on Weed Seeds

  • What are weed seeds?
  • What are feminized weed seeds?
  • What are autoflower weed seeds?
  • What are high-CBD weed seeds?
  • What makes a weed seed high quality?
  • Where can I buy weed seeds?

What are Weed seeds?

Weed can be either male or female—also called “dioecious”—but only females produce the buds we all know and love. However, for reproduction, the flower of a female plant must be pollinated by a male plant, after which the female flower produces seeds.

Once the seeds are mature, the female plant begins to die, and seeds are either dropped to the ground where they germinate and grow into new cannabis plants the next spring, or they are harvested for processing into seed oil, food products, or to be sown to become the next generation of plants.

To get the buds you find in medical and recreational stores, female cannabis plants are grown in an environment without males—or the males are removed from the area before they release pollen—so that the females don’t create seeds. This high-potency marijuana is traditionally known as “sinsemilla,” meaning “seedless.”

Cannabis anatomy: The parts of the plant

Some varieties of cannabis can produce male parts alongside female flowers on the same plant, especially if exposed to environmental stressors. These plants are known as hermaphrodites, and sometimes they can self-pollinate to create seeds.

What are feminized Weed seeds?

feminized weed seeds for sale


Feminized weed seeds will produce only female plants for getting buds, so there is no need to remove males or worry about the plants getting pollinated. Feminized seeds are produced by causing the monoecious, or hermaphrodite condition in a female cannabis plant. The resulting seeds are nearly identical to the self-pollinated—or “selfed”—female parent, as only one set of genes is present.

This is sometimes referred to as “cloning by seed” and will not produce any male plants. This is achieved through several methods:

  • By spraying the plant with a solution of colloidal silver, a liquid containing tiny particles of silver
  • Through a method known as rodelization, in which a female plant pushed past maturity can pollinate another female
  • Spraying seeds with gibberellic acid, a hormone that triggers germination (this is much less common)
What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Most experienced growers will not use feminized seeds because they only contain one set of genes, and these should never be used for breeding purposes.

What are Autoflower Weed seeds?

autoflower weed seeds for sale

Most cannabis plants begin flowering when the amount of light they are exposed to each day is reduced to about 12 hours. This mimics the sun going down in the sky as the season turns to autumn.

However, a species of the plant, called Cannabis ruderalis, which developed in extreme northern conditions without much sunlight, will begin flowering once the plant reaches a certain age—they automatically start flowering regardless of the amount of light they receive, hence the term “autoflower.”

Some breeders have crossbred the low-THC ruderalis with other more potent varieties to create autoflower strains that start blooming as soon as they reach maturity. These can be easier to maintain and can be especially great in northern climates where summers are short and cold, wet weather comes early in the fall.

A guide to growing autoflowering weed seeds

Autoflower strains can be started in early spring and will flower during the longest days of summer to take advantage of the highest quality light available. Growers can fit in multiple autoflower harvests in the span of a regular harvest.

One drawback, though: Autoflower strains are known for being less potent.

What are high-CBD weed seeds?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the chemical components—known collectively as cannabinoids—found in the weed plant. Lately, much has been made of the potential benefits of CBD for treating the symptoms of many diseases and conditions. Over the years, humans have selected plants for high-THC content, making cannabis with high levels of CBD rare. The genetic pathways through which THC is synthesized by the plant are different than those for CBD production.

Cannabis used for hemp production has been selected for other traits, including a low THC content, so as to comply with the 2018 Farm Bill. Consequently, many varieties of hemp produce significant quantities of CBD. As interest in CBD as a medicine has grown, many breeders have been crossing high-CBD hemp with cannabis. These strains have little or no THC, 1:1 ratios of THC and CBD, or some have a high-THC content along with significant amounts of CBD (3% or more).

We have a wide variety of weed seeds for sale available at our dispensary. It should be noted, however, that any plant grown from these seeds is not guaranteed to produce high levels of CBD, as it takes many years to create a seed line that produces consistent results. A grower looking to produce cannabis with a certain THC to CBD ratio will need to grow from a tested and proven clone or seeds.

What makes a Weed seed high quality?

The most important factor in seed quality is genetics—to grow quality cannabis, you need good genetics. Some less scrupulous breeders will simply cross a nice female with a random male and sell the resulting seeds. A good breeder will take time to cross and backcross plants to stabilize the most desirable traits, while still producing an array of different phenotypes.

Seeds must also be allowed to fully mature before harvest. They also must be properly stored so they don’t acquire mold or other pathogens that can spoil them. Weed Seeds should be stored in a cool, dark place and used within 16 months, or frozen for future use.

Preserving Cannabis Genetics: How to Collect and Store Seeds and Pollen

Really dedicated breeders have worked for years to create inbred lines, or IBLs, that will produce plants with very little noticeable difference. IBLs represent only a small fraction of cannabis seeds on the market, as they are generally used by breeders and not by producers.

Where can I find Weed seeds for sale?

Weed seeds can be found on numerous online seedbanks, but note that it is illegal to bring seeds into the US and Customs will seize any weed seeds that they find in packages or on a person. In legal and medical states, you may purchase seeds at a dispensary.

weed seeds for sale


Best way to Germinate Weed seeds for sale?

Germinated Hemp Seeds

Weed seeds require three things to germinate: water, heat, and air. Because of this, there are many methods to germinate your seeds. The most common and simplest method involves the use of paper towels saturated in water.

For this method you will need:

  • Two clean plates
  • Paper towels
  • Seeds

Step 1:

Take four sheets of paper towels and soak them with distilled water. The sheets should be soaked but shouldn’t have excess water running off.

Step 2:

Take two of the paper towels and place them on a plate. Then, place the cannabis seeds at least an inch apart from each other and cover them with the remaining two sheets of water-soaked paper towels.

Step 3:

To create a dark, protected space, take another plate and flip it over to cover the seeds (like a dome).

Step 4:

Make sure the area they’re kept in is warm, somewhere between 70-90°F.

After these steps have been completed, it’s time to wait. You can check the paper towels to make sure they’re still saturated, and if they seem to be losing their moisture, you can apply more water to keep the seeds happy.

Some seeds germinate very rapidly while others can take several days. You know a seed has germinated once the seed splits and a single sprout appears.

This is the taproot, which will become the main stem of the plant, and seeing it is a sign of successful germination. It’s important to keep this area sterile, so don’t touch the seed or taproot as the seed begins to split.

Transplanting germinated weed seeds

transplanting germinated cannabis seeds

Once you see the taproot, it’s time to transfer your germinated seed into its growing medium. Small 2-inch pots are a good place to start.

Fill the pots with loose, airy potting soil and poke a hole in the middle about a quarter-inch down using a pen or pencil.

To transfer the seed, use a pair of tweezers to gently pick it up, then drop the seed in the hole with the taproot facing down. Lightly cover it with soil.

Next, you’ll need to water the soil. Initially, use a spray bottle to provide moisture without over-saturating the soil. You want to give the seed water, but over-watering can suffocate and kill the delicate sprout.

Pay attention to the temperature and the moisture level of the soil to keep the seed happy, and within a week or so you should see a seedling begin to grow from the soil.

How to tell if a cannabis plant needs watering

Germinating seeds doesn’t always go as planned. Some seeds will be duds. Others will be slow and take longer to sprout. But some will pop quickly and grow rapidly.

This is the beauty of seeds—often, you can tell which plants or genetics will thrive right from the get-go. This will help you determine which plants you want to take cuttings from for clones and which to breed with other strong plants to create a seed bank of your own.


 Best Weed Seeds for Sale

When looking for weed seeds for sale, there are multiple things that you have to decide before you purchase. Some of the most important things you should decide on are things like how are you going to grow these seeds? If you are looking to grow indoors or if you are going o grow outdoors you want to look at the climate in which you will be growing these seeds. The next thing you want to look at is what type of strain you are interested in a sativa, hybrid, or an Indica. Once you decide those two things there is mainly one thing left to decide what type of seed are you looking for, are you looking for a regular seed, a feminized, or an auto-flowering seed. Once you decide those things you can look  at the variety of different strains available in all these categories mentioned above and find the perfect seed for you

.weed seeds for sale When looking for weed seeds for sale, you are shopping from a place that has reputable seeds, unlike some of the other places out there that aren’t exactly selling you what they say, therefore you will be happy with what seeds you decide on, and can get started on growing you amazing weed seeds.

weed seeds for sale

Feminized Weed Seeds for Sale

Feminized weed seeds are a type of weed seed that is specifically bred to remove the male chromosomes to then only produce female plants. The reason why people prefer feminized weed seeds is that most people growing weed seeds are growing these seeds so that the plants can then produce buds that they can then smoke. These buds are only produced from female plants. feminized weeds seeds produce more THC and CBD then male plants due which is another advantage to having feminized weed seeds.

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to having only feminized weed seeds, some of these advantages are that you will only be growing feminized plants which will allow you to have fast and simple cultivation, and you do not have to worry about the extra work of pruning and maintaining male plants that you end up getting rid of anyways. These feminized weed seeds are just as good as regular mother plant their quality can be judged from the number of hermaphroditic plants that it will produce, however you do not have to worry about that why you are buying your feminized weed seeds from a reliable breeder because they are almost 100 percent free from these hermaphrodites.

Premium Weed Seeds for sale

Looking to buy premium weed seeds online can be difficult due to all the places that claim to have premium seeds for sale. You want to make sure that where you are buying from is giving you exactly what they offer, if you don’t buy your seeds from a reputable place then you can end up with something completely different than what you were expecting. With all the time and effort that is put into growing your marijuana seeds, we here at Bulkbudtraders know how important it is to get premium seeds for the strain you want. The seeds we are selling are premium weed seeds and you will be happy with your purchase from us. Our seeds are all premium and come in a large variety to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Why Bulkbudtraders has the Best Weed Seeds for sale

weed seeds for sale

When it comes to buying weed seeds there are a lot of things that can come into play in your decision and you want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for or else your growing process will not go exactly as planned.You can find the best weed seeds for sale at Bulkbudtraders, and you will get exactly what you are expecting and you will be getting quality seeds, there are a lot of places now that aren’t selling what they are telling you about leaving growers to not get what they want or maybe getting a seed that is no good. Bulkbudtraders has a variety of different strains which is great for growers of all sorts to find the perfect seed, whether you are a beginner or an expert you can find a seed to fit your growing needs. We also have a large variety of seeds to grow in all different types of climates as well as both indoors as outdoors. You want to make sure when you are buying your weed seeds that you are getting the best of the best so you can have an amazing plant when you are done that is why Bulkbudtraders is the best place to buy your weed seeds today.


Choosing a Weed seed Bank: Where to buy Weed Seeds?

Many new growers wonder: where can I buy weed seeds or can you buy weed seeds online? The simple answer is: Yes you can! There are plenty reliable weed seed banks to be found. In the past years many new Canadian seed banks have hit the market after Canada legalised the cultivation of growing, but also American seed banks (especially Californian seed banks) and plenty of Dutch seed banks which are still the number one choice for most growers due to their huge cannabis history and great genetics.

When planning to buy weed seeds one of the first things to do is finding a reliable seed bank where you buy seeds cheaply with confidence and trust. A cannabis seed bank where you have a delivery and germination guarantee, where you buy the best weed seeds and where customer service goes beyond. This is where we as a company stand for.

The best marijuana seeds for sale and free weed seeds!

Bulkbudtraders has become one of the best cannabis seed banks online. A position we achieved not only by having the greatest cannabis seeds for sale, our guarantees, stealth shipping methods and providing top notch customer service, but also by giving away free marijuana seeds. At BBT we like to make our customers happy. Free cannabis seeds are part of that. During the checkout you see how many free cannabis seeds you will get with your order

Cheap weed seeds of topnotch quality

To guarantee the highest standards and to make sure you order weed seeds of the best quality we work with inhouse breeders and a professional international network. In that way we can offer high grade cheap cannabis seeds, straight from the farms and greenhouses. Our seeds are viable, organic, fully tested for germination and ready to grow.


When ordering cannabis seeds at Weedseedsexpress you pay for your order in a safe and convenient way. As a marijuana seed bank we are fortunate to accept a lot of payment methods.

Here you can think of a direct bank transfer. For customers in most countries we offer credit card payments. Customers who prefer extra anonymity can choose for a cash or Bitcoin payment.

For the USA specifically we offer extra payment methods: Zelle, Venmo and Cash-App.

Fast and free worldwide shipping

We provide the fastest international delivery as possible. After receiving your payment we ship your order within 8 – 24 hours to your destination. For most countries we offer free delivery worldwide without any charge. You can also add the track & trace option with your shipment so you can track your order along the way.

Delivery time
Depending on your country delivery takes place between withing:

  • USA usually 2-4 business days
  • Europe 5-7 business days
  • Rest of world 10-25 business days

COVID-19 update:
Due to the pandemic many orders experience delays. For the most up to date transit times, please check: shipping and delivery

Stealth shipping

We use stealth shipping and packaging as a standard. All our mailorders and packages fit in the mailbox and are sent as regular post with nothing that relates to cannabis on the in- and outside. In that way discreet shipping is guaranteed and 95% of our shipments arrive without any problems. Our shippers triple vacuum seal and stealth package all orders so they can’t be scent detected by canine sniffers or AON scanners, Thats just a tip on how safe shipping is. We also make available diplomatic stamps for all orders which evade all custom checks for those where marijuana isn’t legal. Nevertheless we ensure safe delivery to over 25 countries around the world and have been doing so for quite sometime.

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